Chromosome instability and Cancer

Chromosome Instability (CIN) is defined as the condition in which the cells are unable to properly segregate whole chromosomes or are prone to their structural rearrangements. The main consequence of chromosomal instability is aneuploidy. CIN and aneuploidy have been associated with cancer development and progression and are used to design new antitumoral therapeutic strategies.

This project aims to deepen our knowledge on the relationships between cancer and CIN. We propose the following three objectives:

  • To obtain an optimized CIN signature with high diagnostic / prognostic value.

    • To analyze two CIN genes, Aurora-A and TPX2, previously associated with cancer.

      • To search for new antitumor therapeutic opportunities associated with abnormal expression/activity of TPX2 or Aurora-A.

        PROJECT: Inestabilidad cromosómica y cáncer: una aproximación multidisciplinar para la búsqueda de nuevos biomarcadores y de oportunidades terapéuticas. (SAF2016-76929-R).

        PI: Ignacio Pérez de Castro Insúa.

        PERIOD/AMOUNT: 2017-2019; 121.000€.

        FUNDING AGENCY: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad; Retos de la Sociedad.