Congenital Muscular Distrophy associated to LMNA

Aims of the project

  • Generation of disease models for the study of underlying mechanisms and testing new therapeutic strategies

    Potential of CRISPR/Cas9 based gene therapies both in cells and in vivo

    Validation of pharmacological candidates

Rare Cancers: mechanisms and therapies

Aims of the project

Modeling: cell lines, canceroids and animal models.

Study of the potential of CRISPR/Cas9 mediated gene editing.

New, and personalized, therapeutic strategies.

Chromosome instability and Cancer

Aims of the project

Search of CIN associated cancer biomarkers.

Analysis of TPX2 non-mitotic functions.

Role of Aurora A kinase in cancer development and progression.

New anti-tumoral therapies associated with CIN.


 Dr. Jesús García-Donás 


Susana H Boj


Sergio Casas



Dra. Maria Jesus Vicent


Dr. Juanfer García
Dra. Gema Moreno
Dr. Ángel Martínez


Dr. Lluis Montoliu


Dra. Beatriz Martínez-Delgado 
Dra. Pilar Sánchez


Dr. Marcos Malumbres
Dra. Mercedes Robledo
Dr. Gonzalo Gómez


Dra. Francisca Vicente
Dr. Bastien Cautain


Dra. Meritxell Huch